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Central East, Mexico

Central East
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The Central East of Mexico includes very diverse states in terms of geography and history. This was the homeland of the Olmec civilization, which left its legacy through its impressive architecture and artifacts. Veracruz, the capital of the state that holds the same name, was the first European city established on the North American continent. An appealing coastal city, Veracruz provides a festive atmosphere being a popular resort among Mexicans. Other states, such Querétaro and Puebla witnessed the first movements of the creole conspirations against the Spanish dominance. The Central East of Mexico is a beautiful land with interesting colonial architecture and ancient sites.

Landmark Attractions

- The State of Veracruz is a very popular destination for Mexican tourists.

- Querétaro, a primarily agricultural and livestock-raising state, is renowned for opals -green, honey, red and fire stones-, mercury, zinc and lead.

Cathedral - Puebla
- Partially financed by Bishop Juan de Palafox y Mendoza, the illegitimate son of a Spanish nobleman, the cathedral holds the second-largest church tower in the country. The cathedral's high altar, designed by Mexico's famous colonial architect Manuel Tolsá, is adorned by gold, onyx and marble.

Iglesia de Santo Domingo - Puebla
- Built between 1680 and 1720, and famous for its Rosary Chapel, the church's walls, altar and ceiling are of baroque style, covered with golden carvings and sculptures.

Mexico Regional Landmarks

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