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Mexico's diverse weather patterns are a result of the country's topography, with the coastal areas being hot and humid while the inland regions are drier and more temperate. In general, however, Mexico's hot and rainy season is from June to October and while the period between November and May is cooler and drier.

Northern Baja California

With a climate similar to Southern California, this desert region experiences moderate winters with light showers and warm, dry summers. Gulf of California is generally warmer than the Pacific side of the peninsula, with an average temperature of 68 F (20 C).

Southern Baja California

This region experiences sunshine almost throughout the year, with low humidity, gentle breeze and cool winter evenings. Average temperature stands at 77F (25C) with the temperature rising during summer time. The Pacific side tends to be cooler.

Central Plateau

With an annual average temperature of 65 F (18 C), Central Plateau area is Mexico's coolest region. The higher elevation results in the area being pleasant and cool with plenty of rain from June to September and cool winter evenings.

The Yucatan Peninsula

The Gulf and Caribbean areas are cool but the temperature and humidity rise as the distance from the coast increases. Much of the area's rainfall is seen during April and May. The period between September and January is hot with slightly overcast conditions. Winters are pleasant and mild. Annual average temperature is 80 F (27 C).

Northwest Coast

With an annual average temperature of 68 F (20 C), the Northwest Coast climate is similar to Northern Baja California, but with more rain and occasional storms.

West Coast

The West Coast, or Mexican Riviera, is warm and dry during the day with pleasant evenings, from November through May. Most of the rainfall is seen from June to October. Average temperature is 77 F (25 C).

The Gulf Coast

This region is warm and humid all year round, with rain and northerly winds from September to February. Annual average temperature is 72 F (21 C).

Mexico Regional Landmarks

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