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Transportation in Mexico

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There are a variety of choices for visitors wanting to get around Mexico free of hassle or delays. Mexico has airports in several main cities, a superb highway network linking major cities and bus terminals in almost all municipalities. For local travel, buses and taxis are available.

Mexico City


When traveling by taxi, use only authorized "sitio" (taxi ranks) in Mexico City. Do not hail a taxi from the street in the city, especially during night time. Official Taxi Booths that sell tickets can be found inside the terminal building at some bus stations. These taxis charge by zone, as do those at the airport.


Four main bus terminals are conveniently located at compass points in Mexico City. The bus services are good and reliable. Bus stations in Mexico City are routinely patrolled by public security officials, so they are usually considered safe. However, always be vigilant and keep your property and pockets well-guarded, especially against bag-snatching gangs and pick-pockets.

An express bus service named 'Metrobus' is used by Leon and Mexico City. National bus services to and from Mexico City are usually considered safe to travel.

If traveling on a night bus from a province to Mexico City, it is highly recommended to take a bus that will arrive in Mexico City after 7:00 am in daylight.

Metro / Subway / Underground

Underground metro services are available in Mexico City. They are a very cheap mode of transport.

Mexico Regional Landmarks

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