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South West, Mexico

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South West
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The South West of Mexico encompasses the states of Guerrero, Oaxaca, Chiapas and Tabasco. The region is one of the most beautiful of the country, with a rich cultural heritage. Geographically diverse, the South West of Mexico provides scenic and superb landscapes ranging from rugged mountains to tropical jungle, valleys, volcanos and stunning and exotic beaches. Culturally, the region holds the biggest concentration of indigenous population, from Zapotecs, to Olmecs, Aztecs and the variety of Mayan tribes.

Landmark Attractions

- The State of Guerrero, with almost 3 million of inhabitants, is the second largest of indigenous population.

- Located at 250 km (155.3 mi) of Mexico City in the south west, Oaxaca is a rugged state with fascinating and impressive hard-to-penetrate mountains, with sunny weather, and magic atmosphere.

- Chiapas is Mexico's southernmost state and one of the poorest of the country, offering an enormous geographical variety, with striking beauty.

Parque Museo La Venta - Tabasco

- Located in the Olmec city of La Venta, the park is a tropical garden on the Lake of Illusions. Parque Museo de la Venta includes a maze of paths with three colossal Olmec stone heads, with African features in their facial composition. The largest weighs over 24 tonnes and stands more than two metres tall (6.6 ft). The park also contains 33 sculptures of stelae, priests, monkeys and the jaguar, the totemic animal of the Olmecs. Open daily from 8 am to 4 pm. Closed Monday. Admission: 1 USD.

Carlos Pellicer Museo de Antropología - Tabasco

The museum is named after the man and poet responsible for the preservation of the Olmec artifacts in the Parque-Museo de la Venta. Inside the front door is a giant stone Olmec head. The Museum holds exhibitions on Mesoamerica's many civilisations, with especial emphasis on the Mayan and Olmec cultures. Open daily, from 9 am to 7:30 pm, except Mondays. Admission: 1.5 USD.

Mexico Regional Landmarks

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